Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Maybe I have a touch of pms! I woke up in a great mood! Showered, did laundry, the kids off to school and getting along great! That's always a bonus when you have 2 teenagers in the house! Got last nights supper dishes done and thought I'd header to town to do some groceries and pay my vet bill. The sun was warm and bright and Head Lake was sparkling away to itself, happy that the ice that had held it's waves captive all winter had finally melted away. Still no blackflies to make one want to run screaming for cover, life was good! I stopped and treated myself to a new shirt, next stop, the vets. I enter the vets office and spy my good friend Deb sanitizing a recently used examination table that some poor animal had probably received its immunization needles. I jokingly tell her "It's about time you got some work done!" She takes it good naturedly as usual (I've never seen Deb say anything nasty) and came around the desk to help me pay my bill. We are chatting away immersed in our conversation so much that I didn't hear the door open behind me. I was yapping away when suddenly my great day was shattered by someone's dog sticking its nose up my butt! I couldn't believe it!! At first I was just totally embarrassed and laughingly said, "wasn't expecting to get goosed quiet so early in the day" but then I just saw red! It made me angry that those people had no control over their dog. They let it drag them close enough to me that it could goose me fair and square! I would never let my dog do that to anyone while I had a hold of her! I expect the same from every other dog owner also. That's not too much to ask is it? Anyway, off I go to the grocery store which charges way too much by the way, and am standing in line emptying my cart when from out of nowhere someone rams into my cart with theirs! Thank god I looked before I turned vicious because it turned out it was another friend of mine, Sharon Barry. We yapped away while my groceries got bagged then I headed out to my car. As I'm driving out of the parking lot, I notice a gorgeous sports car which aggravated me anew! Why would this aggravate me you ask? Because it was such a gorgeous sports car, the owner parked it right in the handicapped parking space. Believe me , I had a good look for the permit, but none was found. I had a good notion to report this car and have it towed away! If I had of had such nerve to park there, I know my car would have been towed away! Well I chose to carry on home and get at my load of wood that needs splitting started. I laugh to myself how that dog owner got off lucky! I can't be held responsible for my actions when I have pms , as anyone that knows me knows!


  1. Woodsplitting is the best therapy for PMS. Not so great on fingernails, but great for PMS.
    Happy splitting!

  2. LOL, You make me laugh and apparently you don't know me THAT well. I am good at nasty!!

  3. Well done, keep up the good writing Liz. Mom