Monday, May 10, 2010

Our First Gymkanna of 2010

The morning broke cold and cloudy, but at least it wasn't snowing with high winds that made you bend at the waist as you tried to walk outside in it. I quickly showered and dressed which is a feet in itself for me as I love a long hot shower to wake up. Quickly egg salade sandwiches are thrown together and packed in the cooler for our lunch while Don & Hailey pack up the trailer. Everythings loaded, except for Hunter who casually walks onto the trailer with hardly a flick of his tail. He knows this routine well and I'm sure briefly wonders where he'll end up today. I'm gone ahead with my car to pick up Tim Horton coffee's and make sure the gates are open. We arrive at the Minden Fairgrounds for our first gymkanna of 2010.

Trailers start to arrive, old aqaintances from last year give a big Hello to each other. Horses whinny from within their trailers and the unloading begins. Kids start grooming their horses and tacking them up while the horses munch noisily at their hay. Parents frantically register the kids and horses, hoping they enter them in the right classes or they know there'll be hell to pay when they get back to their trailer. The executive members of the Haliburton County Horsemen's club are busily setting up and getting things organised, but the cold weather and wind are now playing havoc with pens, flying papers and frozen fingers. Finally we're ready for the first class!

The day starts with pin the tail on the donkey for the youngest group of riders. Then the speed is turned on! Bays, chestnuts and paints are thrown into motion, muscles bunching and stretching over tight hides. The pounding of hooves fills the air while horse and rider try their turns at barrels, pole bending and other speed events throughout the day. Competitors are intense in the ring but once outside it, all are relaxed and hanging with their friends. Catching up on gossip or checking out someone's new horse or boyfriend. (or girlfriend, gotta make it fair) The sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds and spectators and competitors alike are welcoming its warmth. Did I mention its also Mother's Day. What a great way to hang out with your kids. I was especially happy to see my son, who says he couldn't care a less about horses, take the time and come hang out with us! He also brought me Lindor chocolates! Time has gone by fast, even though at the beginning of the day it was so cold we thought it would never end! The sun is shinning brightly now as the last class of the day is run. Horses are once again tied to their trailers while kids untack and make sure the horses are cooled off enough to load. Proud parents are watching nearby and once again lots of cobitsing and teasing are evident amongst everyone. The executive breathe a sigh of relief because all their hard work has paid off. As the last horse is loaded and the trailers start to head for home the only thing left to do is tally up the points of each horse and rider and prepare for next months gymkanna in June. Hopefully we won't have to wear our winter coats and mittens to this next one!!

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  1. Great story Liz, & well written. Would have come but my old bones did'nt want to leave the warmth of the house. You all deserve a gold star!!!! Mom