Sunday, April 4, 2010

My first attempt!

Welcome to Horsepatch. I really wanted Dogpatch, as that is where I reside, but had to settle for Horsepatch as some fellow blogger already named their blog that. Hmm, the nerve of them. But on the other hand Horsepatch suits me much more as my life revolves around the 4 legged equines. Dogpatch is all about having a backyard full of howling yipping hounds that are tethered to their doghouses and only run free 2 weeks of the year during hunting season, but they make their voices heard all over the county of Haliburton. I do have a dog though, so I guess I fit right in. Her name is Kinley and I do suspect she has a bit of hound in her though she resembles a large golden lab. She is my faithful companion and wonder what I'll do without her when she isn't stuck to my heels where ever I go. I'm happily married to a great guy by the name of Don and two great kids, Randy and Hailey. Or profit suckers as Don fondly calls them! Any parent can relate, I'm sure. We've aquired a few equine friends over the years here in dogpatch, a nice pinto gelding whom we call Hunter. We call him our second dog as he is just like one. We also have a welsh pony named Wazzat whom would rather spit in your eye than be patted by anyone. Two wasn't enough you know. We fell and hit our heads and bought a 3 yr old quarter horse mare, whom is now sucking our bankaccounts dry cuz she's at a trainers for 3 months. It was a hard hit to the head I'm sure of that!! We also have two extra toed cats, Willy and Lilly whom are just the best felines going. Well now that you know a little about me I'll try and make my next post much more interesting. I just had to show my sister Cathy (whom got me into this thing) that I could do it! Thanks sis! Good night all!


  1. Yay Liz! Welcome to the world of blogging!
    Love your first post.
    Hope you have fun at it and meet lots of folks.
    Had fun tonight at Mom's, hope you did too.

  2. Way to go Liz, keep up the good work, Mom