Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Boxett's

Miss Maddie.  The start of our love for boxers,Add caption
She's a bit of a card!Add caption
Queen Tut,
Heidi is so embarrassed.
 I'm a Model!
 Heidi, our second boxer. Ours is her 4th and final home.  Not sure why anyone would give this sweet gal away!
 My bed is no longer mine.  The girls sleep where Don and I sleep,  Bed hogs they are!
 Those eyes!
 She is a bug hunter through and through.
 Hates having her pic taken though.
 Nothing but sweetness
 She's getting very very sleepy!
 Watching the birds at the feeder
This is what she thinks of me taking her photo
 She doesn't mind the camera clicking.  Too interested in the ducks at the bird feeder.
 She looks tough.  But what a chicken!
 Sigh...I want those ducks!
They've given up on the ducks.  Someday I'll bore you with many stories about the boxett's.  I have many!  lol

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  1. Please! Bore away! Those photos are beautiful, Liz. Those boxers of yours are gorgeous doggies.